Ministry Leaders

Ministry Leaders:

Ministries Leader Community :Outreach Ministry Enrichment (COME) Gerod & Betty Sawyer DVD/Video Ministry Elliott Burrell
Deacons Chairperson Daryl Davis
Deacons Wives: Chairperson Betty Sawyer
Drama Ministry: Anete Foster
Food Pantry Coordinator: Terrance Ellis
Kitchen Ministry: Oscar Daniels
Laymen Ministry: Lonnie Sanders
Lighthouse Newsletter Ministry Michele Tyson
Long Term Planning: Tommie Smith
Marquee Ministry: Leon Foster Minster of Education, Bible School Director, Sunday School Superintendent:
Shirley Brown, Rev. William Beard & Daryl Davis Minister of Music Choir Vacant
Organist/Asst Min. of Music Choir Cozy: Mitcham
Director Angel Choir Mary Allen
Youth/Young Adult Choir Rev: Chris Young and Ashley Young
Male Chorus: Darnell Henry
President (Administrative): Montenna Porter and Mary Allen
New Member Information Coordinator: Linda Heath
Nursery Ministry: Kimberly Petty
Paradise Marketing: Sarah Harrison
Paradise Ground: Michael Obbs

Ministries Leader:

Paradise Prayer Garden: Elliott Burrell
Prayer Service Coordinator: Vacant
Projector Ministry: Terrance Ellis
Public Relations Coordinator: Linda Heath
Recreation Ministry: Oscar Daniels Jr.
Sound/Audio System: Lucretia McQueen
Usher’s Ministry: Michele Tyson Van Ministry David Evans, Michael Obbs, Anthony Johnson 

Courtney Hughes Van Ministry Coordinator/Scheduler Lorraine Chambers 

Website: Rosalind Landers 

Women’s Ministry :Naomi Wiley 

Young Adult Ministry Rev. Chris & Ashley Young :

Youth Minister Min: Lee Eason Youth and Young Adult Step/Mime Team (13 & Up) Min: Lee Eason Mothers of the Church Maggie Franklin, Georgia Harper, Daisy 

Eason Angel Mime Team: Jasmine Porter 

Angel Step Team Markita Gross :

Minister of Education: Shirley Brown 

Bible School Director: William Beard 

Sunday School Superintendent: Daryl Davis 

“And we know that in all things God looks for the good of those who love him, who have been according to his prayer.”

Roman: 8:28